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What's ChatDev?


preprint paper:

ChatDev stands as a virtual software company that operates through various intelligent agents holding different roles, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Programmer, Tester, and more. These agents form a multi-agent organizational structure and are united by a mission to "revolutionize the digital world through programming." The agents within ChatDev collaborate by participating in specialized functional seminars, including tasks such as designing, coding, testing, and documenting.

The primary objective of ChatDev is to offer an easy-to-use, highly customizable and extendable framework, which is based on large language models (LLMs) and serves as an ideal scenario for studying collective intelligence.

What Can ChatDev Do?



1. Clone the GitHub Repository:

Begin by cloning the repository using the command:

git clone

2. Set Up Python Environment:

Ensure you have a version 3.9 or higher Python environment. You can create and activate this environment using the following commands, replacing ChatDev_conda_env with your preferred environment name:

conda create -n ChatDev_conda_env python=3.9 -y
conda activate ChatDev_conda_env

3. Install Dependencies:

Move into the ChatDev directory and install the necessary dependencies by running:

cd ChatDev
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

4. Set OpenAI API Key:

Export your OpenAI API key as an environment variable. Replace "your_OpenAI_API_key" with your actual API key. Remember that this environment variable is session-specific, so you need to set it again if you open a new terminal session.

On Unix/Linux:

export OPENAI_API_KEY="your_OpenAI_API_key"

On Windows:


5. Build Your Software:

Use the following command to initiate the building of your software, replacing [description_of_your_idea] with your idea's description and [project_name] with your desired project name:

On Unix/Linux:

python3 --task "[description_of_your_idea]" --name "[project_name]"

On Windows:

python --task "[description_of_your_idea]" --name "[project_name]"

6. Run Your Software:

Once generated, you can find your software in the WareHouse directory under a specific project folder, such as project_name_DefaultOrganization_timestamp. Run your software using the following command within that directory:

On Unix/Linux:

cd WareHouse/project_name_DefaultOrganization_timestamp

On Windows:

cd WareHouse/project_name_DefaultOrganization_timestamp

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